LAN Support User ID=expert Password=getexpert
There are FAQs and other documentation available.

Get the GoToAssistHelpAlert.exe file from Agate
Put on you PC and run it.

You'll need a VPN open for the Agate link to work.
Or you can also download directly from Citrix.

Use one of the support accounts.
drk/pgt/ go2Assist!

What user sees when they go to the start link from web page.
They need to enter the number you have generated into the green box and then click.

Some errors you may encounter:

System uses a java connector to get started, but if it fails
do the download and run the program.
You can cancel here and get next screen.
The downloaded program will be deleted automatically and
is different for each session.

All information concerning a patient and the nature of his/her visit is confidential and
should never be discussed other than in the performance of your duties.
All users are responsible for protecting a patient's privacy.

Use of this web page indicates your acceptance of this policy.